What do I do?

Every species on the Planet interact with another species in a web of life and I study plant-animal interactions. What do animals eat? What plants rely on animals for seed dispersal/ What's happen if animals are extinct?

I have been studied fish (yes, many species eat fruits), lizards, ​birds and mammals, including extinct megafauna. I see the extinction of large vertebrates during the last 50,000 years as a continuous human-driven impact on the biodiversity.

I am fascinated by rainforests and I have been working in the Atlantic forests of South America for many years. About 90% of all tree species rely on animal-dispersal.

I am trying to understand how defaunation will affect plant recruitment, and how this ultimately will affect climate and other ecosystem functions. 

In addition, I study how invasive species may or may not replace extinct frugivores.

I am the curator of the largest Open dataset of the Biodiversity of the Atlantic Forest (Atlantic Collection - Ecology).



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