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I always think that I haven't published my best paper yet. But my career as an academic writer started when I was an undergraduate student and my first paper was published in 1990.

Galetti, M. 1990. Predation on the squirrel, Sciurus aestuans by capuchin monkeys, Cebus apella. Mammalia.

In the beginning of my career (1990-1996), most of my work was descriptives and based on strong natural history observations. I have several studies on the diet of birds and mammals from the Atlantic Forest. 

During my PhD I have learned how to test ecological hypothesis and my work was more global. In my PhD I tested if palm fruits were keystone plants in tropical forests. My major finding is that depends on the species...Some species decline in abundance in forests without palms, but other simply increase.

From 2001, I start collaborating with Dr. Pedro Jordano (Spain) and Dr. Rodolfo Dirzo (USA),

I always try to use new tools to understand how species change after defaunation, such as stable isotopes, genetics and GIS.

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