I came from a family of Portuguese from Madeira Island and Italians who imigrante to Brazil last century. My father is a Physic teacher and my Mom a house wife who raised 3 boys.

At 5 years old I was fascinated by tadpole and watching Jacques Cousteau make my mind. I did my graduate and MSc studies in Biology in Brazil (Campinas State University) and I became a field ecologist during my work at Santa Genebra forest.


I had been luck to be supervised by Dra. Patrícia Morellato a botanist who teach me about science and plants. 

In 1992 I started my PhD at the University of Cambridge, England (Robinson College). During my 4-year PhD I had the opportunity to work with Dr. David Chivers, a primatologist who inspire me in many ways.

My post doctorate I moved to Indonesia in the island of Borneo to study seed dispersal by hornbills and sun bear. after 4 months in Borneo, a civil war started and I had to flee to Brazil, where I have got a post doc at São Paulo State University. There, I was hired as a Assistant Professor in 1998.

Between 2007 e 2009 I was Tinker Professor at Stanford University and in 2017 I spend 5 months as a Visiting Professor at Aarhus Universitet in Denmark.

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